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created to reach, captivate, engage and entertain your audience

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  • Jingles & Leaders

    Let your audience know who you are and what mood your playlist represents or what they're about to watch.

  • Podcasts

    We glue storytelling, music and the highest production values with the latest audio technology to create content that brings effective value.

  • Music Library

    Our Sweet Spot Library will be released in May, 2023

  • Commercials

    Delighted to be able to work with the biggest brands in the world, also in the field of sonic branding and commercials.

from the heart of the Holland, our audio goes to ears all over the world

Audio for people who love audio

At Capital of Media we create high-performing audio in such a way that it affects you, over 20 years now. We hope it’ll make you move. Makes you think about it. Gives you goosebumps.

We help brands, radio and television stations/programs develop and deliver audio in any way imaginable. Our captivating earcatchers can be heard on national, regional and local stations every day and on every popular podcast platform.

from the newsroom

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new hot classic hits jingles Hello Italy! listen
the new soundtrack of drivetime radio De Wild in de Middag (NPO Radio 2) >>>> in production - coming soon <<<<
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